Today's mechanization of executive activities at industrial societies and developing countries decreased daily activities of different groups of society specifically workers; consequently, increasing different types of abnormalities, physical and mental disorders, and social damages. Whereas more than 10 million population of Iran consists of workers and more than 5000 national and civil champions which plays a key role in the cultural, social, political and economical goals of Iran and obtaining supreme goals of the society.

Therefore, the necessity of establishing effective and specialty organization called Federation of Amateur and Workers Sports of Iran (FAWSI) in the way of optimizing this role, self-confidence and responsibility of the workers and improving their public partnership in the field of sport activities is undeniable.

Experiences of previous years shows that extending and developing sport activities at industrial and productive units are effective and applied factor for improving physical and mental health of workers, refreshing work environment, promoting their productivity and keeping human workforce; so that, developing and popularizing sports at industrial and productive units improves cultural values at workers’ environments, increases their required physical and mental readiness for improving agility of workforce to prevent from any probable incident during the work.

Iranian Workers Sport Department founded in 1970 and Federation of Amateur and Workers Sports of Iran (fawsi) was founded in 2011. FAWSI covers 27 sport disciplines (20 official and 7 developing sport disciplines) and Provincial Boards represent FAWSI in different parts of Iran.

Legal Status: FAWSI is a non-governmental organization.


National Affiliation: Federation of Amateur and Workers Sports of Iran is operating under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Cooperative, Labour and Social Welfare and National Olympic Committee of Iran.