FAWSI Gained the Seat in the NOC Assembly after 7 Years

FAWSI Gained the Seat in the NOC Assembly after 7 Years
With ratification in the Cabinet and also majority of the votes of the NOC Assembly received, Federation of Amateur and Workers Sports of Iran became the member of NOC Assembly.
After lots of negotiations and efforts by Mr. Ramzi, FAWSI President and with cooperation of Dr. Salehi Amiri, President of NOC of Iran, following legal procedures and ratification in the Cabinet, this important issue ratified in the NOC Assembly which was held on 20 January 2020.
It should be noted that after gaining numerous successful achievements in national and international sport events including the 3rd place in the world ranking, FAWSI draw the attention of the authorities, especially NOC of Iran to this important section of country’s sport which is workers and amateur sports.
With the decision of the members of the Assembly of NOC, FAWSI as one of the leading actors in the development of Sport for All in Iran will receive more support from NOC, which is one of the main official authorities of sport in Iran and undoubtedly this will create a much brighter and more successful future in line with providing services for the working society and development of sport for all and joy and health among workers society. 
Jan 24, 2020 14:21


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