Workers Online Darts Championships

Workers Online Darts Championships















 Workers Online Darts Championships; Top Dart Players defeated Their Rivals in both Men and Women Competitions

After outbreak of Corona Virus FAWSI decided to concentrate on online championships. At the end of the online competitions of the workers dart championships Bahman Khalili from SAIPA Company (men) and Elham Ketabdar from Mashhad (women) won the championships.

Celebrating “Labours Week”, Association of FAWSI Sport Committees and Dart Association organized this completion including 112 men and 43 women who participated in this completion.

This completion held with group elimination in men with 32 groups of 3 and 4 athletes and 106 games and in women with 16 groups of 2 and 3 athletes and 69 games.

The results were as follows:


                              I.            Bahman Khalili from SAIPA Company: 1st Place

                           II.            Javad Bayat from Khorasan Razavi Province: 2nd Place

                        III.            Jalal Mozafari from SAIPA Company and Ramin Naseri from Ardabil Province: 3rd place


                               I.            Elham Ketabdar from Khorasan Razavi Province: 1st Place

                            II.            Azar Shakerian from Chahar Mahal Bakhtiyari Province: 2nd Place

                         III.            Seyedeh Mona Fazeli from Tehran Province and Mahtab Sadeqi from Kohkiloyeh Boyer Ahmad Province: 3rd Place 


May 12, 2020 09:41


2020/05/13 Iran

درود و سپاسگزارم از شما برای این گزارش دست مریزاد و خسته نباشید . ای کاش عکس ها را بهتر و باکیفیت تر و واضح تر درج می نمودید . سپاس فراوان

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